Wall Mirror Jewelry Storage

Guys! My jewelry storage used to be such a hot mess! I had it strewn EVERYWHERE. I have the horrible habit of just taking off earrings and laying them down all over the house. I figured if all they were gonna do was sit in a dish, then I’d have dishes everywhere…and I wonder why I can never keep up with anything! LOL

Luckily, during quarantine I’ve had the time to build this bad boy because its been on my to-do list for at least 3 years now. Its funny how quickly time goes by!

Now I have enough space for all of my jewelry and a little growing room! Yay! I’m not gonna lie…I was a little nervous when I was loading everything up. I didn’t think I made it big enough to expand my collection, but thankfully I did. Woo! Dodged a bullet there! Figuring out a way to display my hanging earrings was a head scratcher for sure. I wanted to come up with something that was easy and not over engineered – I didn’t want to notch out 10 slots to house the earrings or use tiny hooks. I don’t know how dowels came to me, but (not to toot my own horn!) it was GENIUS! Had to keep it easy!

I also wanted an easy way to keep my stud earrings and I found a ring holder at Michael’s. When I saw it, I knew it would be perfect for them. I was a little nervous about having them stored vertically. I had convinced myself they were all going to fall out, but so far so good. So I’m gonna call that a major win.

A foam ring box and a couple of dowels were all I needed to show off my collection. Figuring out these 2 steps were super exciting! With those 2 mysteries solved, the finish line was in sight!

I used about a gazillion hooks for necklace storage…ok…it wasn’t that many. It just felt like that many when I was screwing them all in. It was only about 52…gazillion. Ha!

Yeah…its soooooo nice to have everything organized in one place. Its making me put earrings up when I’m not wearing them – no more random dishes in random places. #winning!

I think the best part is that it doubles as a mirror! Everything stays hidden until I want to see it. I put together a video on how I put this guy together. Check it out below.

I’m working on putting plans together and I soon as I do. I’ll drop them right here for y’all. In the meantime, I’ll show y’all a quick recap of what I did.

First, I used an old mirror that’s been hanging around for years (Ha! See what I did there…yeah I’m a goob!). The frame was made out of that crappy plasticy stuff and had broken a few times – its been through a handful of moves so it was banged up and had some screw holes in it.

I carefully took the backing and the frame apart – I was extra careful not to break the glass. I don’t need 7 years of bad luck – ain’t nobody got time for that!! Then I cut all of my wood for the new frame and “jewelry box” down to size.

Once I had everything cut to size, I drilled my pocket holes and then assembled the frame. Once I had the frame screwed together, I filled my pocket holes with plugs. I have an awesome add-on for my Kreg jig that drills plugs – don’t worry! If you don’t have that Kreg makes plugs or you can use dowels to fill your holes. I waited for the glue to dry and then sanded the plugs down flush with the wood. I started with 80 grit and moved up to 120. Its really quick and easy and gives your frame a finished look.

Next, I routed out the groove for my mirror and backer using a rabbit bit. I routed down about 3/8″ because I wanted enough room for the mirror, the 1/4″ backer, and have wiggle room for the flex points I was using. If you don’t know what flex points are, they’re those tabs on the back of picture frames that you bend back to remove the back when adding pictures. I wanted to use these so that if I ever break the mirror it’ll be easy to replace.

Before I assembled the jewelry box part, I laid out where everything would go – the dowels for my earrings, the felt box, and where I would hang some of my necklaces. The Bearded Fellow got me a drill press for Christmas (y’all! He is the absolute best…he knows my weakness…TOOLS! Every Christmas he gets me a tool I don’t have #truelove) so luckily drilling the holes for the dowels and hooks were quick and easy.

I dry fitted everything before I screwed the top and bottom pieces on. I wanted to make sure my dowels weren’t too long or too short before I got the wood glue involved. Once I had everything glued and screwed, I sanded all of my wood again to make sure it was smooth and ready for stain. I stained all of my pieces separately – including the backs. I like to stain and seal everything before assembly so that I can get into the cracks and corners without it being tricky. It makes things soooo much easier.

Before putting the back on, I added my felt box. Then I spaced out the jewelry hook strips so that my necklaces had breathing room. I put 3 strips on the door and 1 below the felt box. I used these hinges – they’re so easy to install and look great!

I’m so happy with the way this organizer turned out! It has been a life changer!!

Leave a comment and let me know what you think! Especially if you have any questions. I will do my best to answer them!

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