Master Bathroom Redo: One Room Challenge

I’m so excited guys! We’re renovating our master bathroom (because it was living in the dark ages…you’ll see) and I’m participating in this fall’s One Room Challenge <– click to see all of the other amazing people that are participating. I thought this room would be a great way to participate in this challenge. I’m the type of person that likes to start 20 projects from various different rooms…and then never get anything done (or at least feel that way). I think this challenge will be the perfect opportunity to focus on just one room and actually accomplish something…

So here goes nothing!!

Here’s our dark ages master bath. I’m pretty sure its original with the house (our house was built in the mid 80s). And I say I’m pretty sure because every time a house goes on the market in our neighborhood, I seek out the listing just so I can see what improvements the home owners made. Yep! I’m that person…I’m hella nosey and just have to see what’s going on in our neighborhood. LOL So when I see our fiberglass tub and surround in everybody’s bathrooms…I know…its real REAL old and its time to upgrade.

We’ve lived in our house for 9 years and I’ve been itching to do this room since day 1. The first pic is what it looked like when were viewing the house – since then I’ve painted the walls 4-5 times, painted the vanity twice, and we even put headboard on the ceiling. In all honestly, the thing that ended up being the catalyst for this bathroom reno was the drippy shower faucet. It was progressively getting worse over the last couple of years and I finally had enough. When I tried to change out the stems on the handles (which come to find out, is the only way to do it), they were so corroded that they wouldn’t come off….one broke…and so there we were – water to the entire house turned off (because there’s no shut off valve just for that shower) and no way of easily fixing the plumbing so we could have water again. I don’t know about y’all, but this girl can’t live without water! Nope! Not at all!

We had to cut into the wall and cap the pipes. The tub sat like this for a few months before we finally started demo. I’m so excited that things are underway! I can’t wait to have this bathroom back!!!

The Plan

This is a complete renovation – we took it all the way down to the studs!

  • New drywall, new paint – Sherwin Williams 6210 Window Pane
  • Brand spankin’ new tub with subway tile surround and gray grout
  • Gray penny tile flooring with matching grey grout
  • Navy vanity with all drawers and lots of storage – we’re going to do a large trough sink because the vanity is only 48″ and too small for 2 sinks
  • Large mirror (I’ve got my eye on a live edge piece of wood that’s begging to be used in the shop) and a very large vanity light – fingers crossed it doesn’t dwarf the vanity

I’ll be posting progress weekly so make sure to follow along!

Here we go!