about me

Hey! Hey! Hey!

What’s up guys! My name’s Amanda…nice to meet ya!

The one thing you need to know about me is that I’m a goob. I’m the one in the group that sing talks (it’s a thing, I swear. If you’ve never done it, you should try it), collects Funko Pops!, decorates with said Pops!, comic books, and anything vintage, tells dad jokes…and some dirty jokes. Hey, whoever said you had to grow up lied to us! LOL

I’m a lover of all the things – sewing, home decor, crafting, DIY, repurposing, and especially woodworking. If you would have told me 8 years ago that I’d have a building I call my shop full of toys <throat clearing> I mean tools, I would have laughed in your face and said “NO WAY!” But then my husband (let’s call him the bearded fellow) and I bought a house and I fell in love with Pinterest – I spent hours upon hours looking at DIY schtuff and thinking to myself “I can do that…maybe?” Who else spends hours at night in bed starting at pins when they should be sleeping, I know I’m not the only one! Don’t lie…you’ve done it too!

So with that, my journey began. The bearded fellow and I took on our first project as homeowners and from that moment, I never looked back. Now you might be thinking “But Amanda, you probably grew up using tools or being handy!” Nope! Not even close! My dad and brother were into restoring classic cars, which I actually should know something about. I don’t. Even to this day, every time they start talking about cars, my eyes glaze over and I start thinking about all the things I want to make.

The closest I ever came to using tools as a kid was the summer after my freshman year in college and that was watching my brother cut fiber cement siding and helping him hang it. Fast forward to the following summer, when he was renovating a house and wanted my help. Psych! He tricked me…he just wanted me to prime and paint EVERY. SINGLE. WALL. (I’m a paint ninja now. I can paint a room like a boss!) So my tool knowledge was hammering a nail into a wall to hang a picture and that was pretty much it! So I’m here to tell you, if I can do it, YOU CAN TOO!

I’m constantly pushing myself to learn new things. I never want to stop moving and I’m determined to learn as much as I can. Well…except for plumbing and electrical. I’m not tryin’ to set my house on fire or drown it! I wouldn’t change this crazy journey that I call life for anything – I mean I went to college to be a graphic designer! Ha! A whole lot different than what I’m doing now – graphic design never made me sweat my balls off or covered me in sawdust. And a paper cut is never as bad as drilling through a piece of wood into your hand or brad nailing your finger to something. Despite all of that, I love it!