DIY Coat Rack

I recently had a client reach out to me and ask if I had ever made a coat rack before. My answer? “No, but I totally can!!!” I’m always up to do something I’ve never done before – little or big.

This is a quick and easy build that you can knock out in a weekend. So if you’re tired of your jackets/coats/scarves/hats/dog stuff being all over the house, look no further – I’ve got some free plans so that you can knock this build out fast.

What you’ll need:

  • 4 large hooks
  • 4 small hooks
  • 1 – 4x4x8
  • 1 – 1x5x8
  • scrap plywood & 1x2x8 (optional – see steps)
  • 2.5″ screws
  • brad nails
  • brad nailer
  • miter saw
  • stain or paint
  • wood glue
  • kreg jig (optional)
  • miter saw

Step 1

Cut wood down to size. You’ll need:

  • 1 – 4x4x6
  • 2 – 1x5x4.5 (you want to cut this down to the same width of your wood)
  • 3 – 1x5x13.5

The 1x5x4.5 is the decoration for the top and bottom of your 4×4 post.

The 3 – 1x5x13.5 is the base. You’ll want to Kreg jig these pieces together to make a 13.5×13.5 square. I used scrap plywood for my base and trimmed it out with 1x2s on all 4 sides to hide the plywood edge. Either way will work great! Use whatcha got (especially since the price of wood is bananas right now!).

Step 2

This step is optional.

I used a chamfer bit in my router and routed out most of my edges. I routed out all 4 side edges of my 4×4, the top and bottom of my top 4.5×4.5 piece, only the top side of the bottom 4.5×4.5 piece and base. Doing this guys your coat rack a little something extra and takes away all of the sharp edges. If you don’t have a router, just grab your sander and round over all of your edges to make them smooth and not sharp.

Step 3

Glue everything together!

Center up all of your pieces. I measured from the middle and made small pencil marks on my pieces of wood so I would know exactly where to put my wood once I put wood glue on. Start with the top and work your way down. I brad nailed the top into place with 1.25″ brad nails.

Once you’ve got that done, move on to the bottom. Glue the 4.5×4.5 piece to the bottom of the 4×4 post and screw it into place with 2.5″ screws – I predrilled my holes to make it easier to screw in while I was holding it into place (since glue can make it slide aaallll over the place!). Only screw into 2 corners – the top left and the bottom right (you’ll see why in a min).

Now, glue and screw your base into place, this time you want to screw in on the bottom left, top right and middle. Once you’re done, you’ll have kinda made an “x” with all of your screws. You wanna do this so you don’t accidentally screw into the same areas – it’s never fun to try and screw into another screw and either break the screw, mess up the wood, or split the wood (NOOOOO!). Making an “x” keeps you from doing all of that.

Wipe off all of the excess glue as you go with a wet cloth.

Step 4

Now its time for paint or stain!!! Time to make it gorgeous!

Once the paint is dry (I usually wait overnight just to make sure – its hella humid in our area so it usually takes awhile) or the stain is cured and the poly is set, its time to screw in your hooks.

The top hooks, I alternated every other hook screwing 2 in 7″ down and 2 – 4″ down. My hooks are long though so play it by ear and screw them in however you like them.

The little screws on the bottom are for the little ones in your life – whether that’s kids or puppers – these hooks are perfect! I screwed these in 29″ and 31″ from the base, but put them wherever you want. If you’re kid isn’t tall enough to reach that yet, put them a little bit lower. We don’t have kids so I used it to hang our pup’s harness and rain jacket – yep! that’s right folks! My spoiled, dainty dog has a rain jacket that she wears! Its the only way to get her to pee when its raining…do whatcha gotta do right!!

And there you have it!!

You’ve got a quick and easy piece in your house that you can tell everyone that you made! Woohoo!

If you build it, make sure to tag me on the social medias bc I’d love to see what variations y’all come up with.

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